What We Do

We find great movies and expose these to a wide audience using innovative methods of distribution and leveraging our relationships with some of the UK's leading media distribution channels.

Every movie that we work on requires a specially formulated strategy and we work continually with our partners to deliver the ideal package.

Sound the ALARM...  Audiences crave edgy, original, unique, concept driven content more than ever and Alarm Pictures has been formed to deliver these movies direct to their audience via innovative digital distribution platforms.

We attend international film festivals; Sundance, Cannes, Toronto, SXSW, Berlin, unearthing film gems.  Once we have identified the projects about which we feel most passionate, we then look to acquire the film rights to exploit the film across all platforms in the UK. 

We have strong working relationships with producers, filmmakers, foreign sales agents as well as talent agencies within both the US and the UK.    These relationships help us secure the most exciting and dynamic independent movies from around the globe.   

  • Alarm Pictures is a UK film distribution company that focuses on edgy yet commercial "genre" film titles.
  • We believe that digital distribution and Video On Demand (VOD) is the the new frontier and the ideal distribution platform for high quality independent "elevated genre" pedigree.
  • Whilst cinema has now become the exclusive home for big budget, big cast, big studio "blockbusters" it leaves independent, counter-culture, edgy, cool, filmmaker driven productions with great film festival pedigree without a solid and reliable distribution outlet. 
  • We help these independent films find the right distribution platform to reach a young audience that is either abandoning cinema or supplementing it with online and other digital film consumption.
  • We work closely with all major content providers (Netflix, iTunes, Sky, Amazon, Blinkbox) to ensure that British audiences starved of strong creative content can readily access our catalogue of diverse and original film.