A psychiatrist is drawn into a complex mind game when he questions a disturbed patient about the disappearance of a colleague.


An eminent psychiatrist vanishes from his office, and the last person to see him is Michael, a troubled patient obsessed with all things elephant. The hospital director, Dr Greenberg, is called in to help. He insists on interviewing Michael, despite the warnings of nurse Peterson, who understands all too well the devastating loss that still haunts Dr Greenberg. Michael innocently goes on about elephants and opera (with occasional hints of murder and foul play), and lures the hospital director into a devious trap. Dr Greenberg will face the truth of his actions, but the price he pays for redemption will be a heavy one...

Inspired by the raw and brilliant writing of Nicolas Billon, ELEPHANT SONG reveals itself to be a story within a story, like nesting Russian dolls.  It’s a metaphor for the mind of young Michael, institutionalized in a psychiatric ward.  He takes the hospital’s director, Dre. Greene, for a sweeping ride, as each manipulative move uncovers a new one.  We will discover that the fierce, intimate exchange between Dr. Greene and Michael echoes far beyond the hospital walls, with resonance from the past, but most of all, with a profound impact on the present and the future. Michael’s journey does indeed set the stage for truth and, ironically, for love, something that our lonely boy never had.

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Dr.  Green                                                             BRUCE GREENWOOD            

Michael Aleen                                                      XAVIER DOLAN      

Olivia                                                                     CARRIE-ANNE MOSS             

Dr. Jones                                                              GUY NADON

Dr. Lawrence                                                       COLM FEORE            

Miss Peterson                                                      CATHERINE KEENER        

Florence Da Costa                                              GIANNA CORBISIERO            

Christelle                                                              CINDY SAMPSON  

Sergent Taylor                                                     LARRY DAY

Amy                                                                        MELODY GODIN-CORMIER

Jakobus                                                                 MARC DONKER

Bruce                                                                      MATT HOLLAND

Maestro                                                              ERIQUE PÉREZ MESA

Young Michael (5 years old)                             ETHAN BOLDUC

Young Michael (7 years old)                             GERMANO SANTANA